Avante Black: Making a Mess with the Drug Money

Avante Black is the UK-based band led by Swedish native Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten. Their explosive debut single Drug Money” is far from what I typically listen to, but still, it came to be one of my favorite tunes of 2016. Maybe I’m biased. Errrr, I know I am. Because Ottilia and I are friends, we went to the same high school and upper secondary school and we have hundreds of mutual friends and I’ve seen her play live in our hometown thousands of times and she’s a great, great person.

But the truth is that I love her voice and seeing her style develop. And I’ve always admired her for her unflagging drive. You know, it is just so obvious that this is what she’s supposed to be doing and I think it has been that obvious for her all along. And at the core of it all, her song-writing skills are really something special. I’m a music expert (read: far from) and I clearly I remember so many of her lyrics. Especially one from a bunch of years ago, called “I Hope It Rains”. Don’t know if it’s available for you to listen to somewhere but it’s raw and moody and really chill, like the type of song I want in the movie about my life.

Last week Avante Black released a new single, Make A Mess“, and it’s just as good as “Drug Money”. The chorus is on repeat in my head and has been for a week now. So while I want you to listen to it, I must warn you that you might never get rid of it.

“Why clean it? We’re gonna make a mess again”

Here is the music video for “Drug Money”:

Photos: Avante Black