Astrid Andersen’s First Dedicated Women’s Collection

Astrid Andersen is a truly fascinating story. The London-based brand creates premium casual wear with sports inspired aesthetic that leads a new generation of menswear. Astrid Andersen is now launching her first dedicated women’s collection.

As a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Andersen launched her menswear label in 2010 and is known for her bold, unapologetic approach to classic sportswear, from the silhouettes to the symbology. As a result, you get two-piece tracksuits covered in big collegiate fonts, fluorescent fabrics and long cuts reminiscent of basketball uniforms, and lots of shiny nylons. Astrid Andersen remains an emerging talent with exceptional prospects and has become the go-to name for luxury street and sportswear.

Some cool things that have happened to Astrid Andersen:

  • Her graduate collection was styled by Simon Foxton.
  • She was a finalist at the ninth International Talent Support competition.
  • She was nominated as part of Vogue Italia’s Talent 2010.
  • She won the Brioni Creativity and Innovation Award.
  • She won the River Island MA Student Bursary Award, gaining the opportunity to design three looks for the high street retailer.

This season Astrid Andersen shows her first dedicated women’s collection following the success of her SS17 pre-collection, and this is truly worth celebrating!

The Astrid Andersen woman is powerful and cool, in control of her sexuality, equal, and seeks to define herself with confidence, comfortability. Always looking for a new and contemporary way of expressing this.


We can still see the Danish designer’s love of hip-hop fashion. Her mix of over the top masculinity with a delicate femininity, comfort as the ultimate styling and quality as an uncompromised signature of its style, can be seen even in this collection. But now with lace and velvet spun brilliantly onto comfortable athletic gear for her new female fans (and old ones who have been buying her menswear), the designer has given the fashion world a fresh and provocative new perspective on a ubiquitous trend.


Her collections contain lush burgundy velvets and shimmering golds, with various takes on the tracksuit – a look and style Astrid has made totally her own. She still stays committed to exploration, elaboration and exaggeration. But for the SS17 collection she continued her desire to subvert it by introducing a range of new fabrics into her world; the aforementioned velvet, but also cord, lace, feathers, and fur. When it came to prints, she kept her signature basketball-inspired logo throughout. Yay!


There were two new elements dropped into Astrid’s world this season; hats and sunglasses. Further expanding her creative vision into accessories, she’s also recently launched her e-commerce shop, taking her world straight to the consumer! I know, it is a dream come true.

The Danish designer excels at recognizing boundaries and subsequently smashing them to bits by challenging accepted notions of masculinity, branding and proportions. And now, with both menswear and womenswear Andersen has proven herself a master at fusing hip-hop culture with beautifully executed fashion, which is no easy feat considering how much streetwear we’re seeing at the moment. It’s your game now, Ms. Andersen.