Zara Larsson’s Album is Finally Here – and it’s So Good

It was worth the wait. It really was.

So, I woke up at 4 am this morning, because… I don’t know, maybe the Music Gods really wanted me to hear Zara Larsson’s new album A.S.A.P. Or maybe they were sick and tired of us constantly asking, begging, crying for the album to drop. I can admit that it happened like once or twice, tops… hereherehereherehere and here. Ops.

But since we’ve been waiting for so long and since it’s such a great album it feels only appropriate to give a short commentary and track-by-track review.


What They Say: One of my favorites from this album. The tone is lower and more dynamic compared to, say TG4M. It gives a different depth to the melody and her vocals.

Lush Life: Since this song came along two (!) years ago, lush life has become a saying, almost like a life goal. Strive for that lush life, y’all.

I Would Like: Also one of the best songs, not only from this album but in general.

So Good: The title track is as good as it spells out. Need I say more? So good.

TG4M: I don’t want to say it again but this is also one of my favorites. This is a bright tune that I predict will become the next Lush Life, the summer tune of 2017. I mean, imagine this: summer, tanned skin, friends, sparkling wine, a rooftop in the sunset. MMMMM.

Only You: I don’t love the beat to this one, it’s quite odd but maybe it’ll grow on me. Zara performed a different, better version of this song at the Swedish Melodifestivalen Finale (Eurovision Song Contest tryouts) last week.

Never Forget You feat. MNEK: I love MNEK, his voice is so great, especially when they performed this song and Naughty Boy’s Runnin (Lose it All) ft. Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin in BBC Radio 1’s Radio Live Lounge. Yikes, his voice control is sick in the second verse (starting at 01:30).

Sundown feat WizKid: The bridge leading up to the chorus is epic, but the verses “reaggaesque” feel isn’t awesome. Sweet rap, though.

Don’t Let Me Be Yours: At first, I thought of Ed Sheeran when I heard this tune, later I found out that he was one of its writers, #MyMusicEarIsKing.

Make That Money Girl: The lyrics to this one are the best out of all songs! “Why you so hesitant, you can be the next female president”, girl power at its best. When I saw this title I imagined a Rihanna-Bitch Better Have My Money kind of tune, but it has so much more meaning and depth to it.

Ain’t My Fault: Real Zara Larsson sassiness level 100. This video is bomb too.

One Mississippi: My third (or is it forth) favorite out of the new songs. I love this beat and this song is the one that I already know the entire lyrics to, after just three listens.

Funeral: A song that I thought would be really sad, but the beat is happy. The text is about heartache, lost love, which I guess is pretty relatable to all of us. Here Zara really sings, hardcore sings, in the chorus. Interesting contrast between verses (upbeat) and chorus (slow).

I Can’t Fall in Love Without You: I absolutely love piano, and here I get it. I don’t know what it is but play some piano and soft female vocals and I’m put into trans. I don’t know if I want to cry, fall asleep or just hug someone. A sweet and sad song about love, “please don’t fall in love without me” that turns a little cocky, “don’t you think I give a fuck, give a fuck ’bout who you fuck”.

Symphony: The British electronic music group Clean Bandit featuring our Swedish diva Zara Larsson. This one was a little anonymous to me, it didn’t really say Zara Larsson at first but it’s very contemporary and after watching the music video I was convinced.

Final thoughts

I thought the album would have a more ‘fuck off, fuck you’ kinda attitude. But it’s slower and cleaner,  you know, deeper and with a lot more meaning than expected. However, if you look at the album as a whole, which I tend to forget because I’m so familiar with Lush Life, So Good, Ain’t My Fault and Never Forget you, it has a little bit of everything; sexiness, depth, playfulness, vulnerability, love, sadness, heartache. It’s not as unique and creative as Solange’s A Seat at the Table, which is my all-time favorite album, or powerful as Beyoncé’s Lemonade. But there’s not a single bad song, and if you give me a day or two I’ll know each one by heart.

Have a listen here.

Photos: Zara Larsson ‘So Good’ Album Cover + Printscreen ‘So Good’ Music Video