The Scandi Bedroom: Inspiration and Tips

We clean things out, rearrange them, and freshen up our environment. What better way to get a head start with planning it all, than with some Scandi bedroom tips and inspiration! Whether it be adding a few minimalistic prints to your wall, some new cool bedding, or the addition of that lamp you had always envisioned, these beautiful Nordic style bedrooms will definitely spark some ideas. I hope you can take away some of your favorite touches and tips to add to your space!

  • Keep an eye out for nice quality bedsheets. Some with a minimalistic pattern or a nice texture will add a perfect touch to the look of your bedroom. Plus, something about sleeping in nice sheets makes things even more cozy.
  • Add some blankets and pillows with textures, colors, or patterns that work well with the theme of your bedsheets and your room. Not only will there be added comfort, but that attention to detail will make your room feel more complete.
  • Framed texts, posters, and artworks are a great way to give your room some color and personality, while still keeping things minimal.
  • A clean looking bedside or desk lamp, in for example an industrial style is definitely one of those things that is small, but makes a difference. Your room will seem more put together, and you’ll have some extra light!
  • Rugs are once again a great way to make a room feel more cozy and more complete. Keep things fairly neutral, and experiment with some fun textures!
  • Greenery will bring freshness, color and just generally some life to your space.
  • Having a few pieces of showcased clothing hanging in your room is a detail that gives a room a lived in look, while still being clean and aesthetically pleasing.




Photo courtesy of Hieu Doan


Photo courtesy of Decoist

Photo courtesy of Alvhem Brokerage & Interior

Photo courtesy of Alvhem Brokerage & Interior


Photo courtesy of Aleksandra Nuzhnaya

Photo courtesy of Claudiu Hanga

Feature photo courtesy of Vourtimeri