ReyRey by Rey Abadi

ReyRey is a Copenhagen based luxury footwear brand. The designer, Rey Abadi, started with a complete analysis and found out that women need eight pairs of shoes. The styles will remain the same every season, but will vary for example in the design, type of leather, color and heel height.

Rey Abadi was born in Iran and moved to Denmark as a child. “I’m very proud of my Persian background and see it as an extra kick to my personality, way of thinking and general way of meeting the world.”

Rey grew up in Odense and for years she spent most of her free time dancing, or until she moved to Copenhagen four years ago.

Rey holds a Masters degree in Arts, Culture and Communication and an MBA in leadership.

I’ve been a fashion lover as long as I can remember. Fashion gives me the ability to express myself – as dancing also did. But working in the fashion industry was not a choice for me, coming from an academic family where you are prepped to go to the university. But I only see it as a positive thing that my background is different and I waited years to mature enough to be able to do this on my own. This is the right way and the right time for me.”

A complete analysis

ReyRey is a Copenhagen-based luxury footwear brand that Rey Abadi founded last year.

“I started with a complete analysis by an extensive desk research and by interviewing a lot of women. I analyzed that women only need eight pairs of shoes, where the design is timeless, durable and can be used in countless combinations. This created the eight essential pairs that a woman needs in her wardrobe: The pump, The brogue, The Wedge, The boot, The Stiletto, The Flat, The sandal and The Joker. The styles will remain the same every season but will vary in the design, type of leather, material, color, heel height and other alterations due to season trends.”

Asked where she gets inspiration, Rey says: “I get inspired from my surroundings, people around me and just by observing things around me.”

ReyRey is sold in ReyRey’s online shop,, and in two boutiques in Denmark and a popup in Miami Beach.

Made in Italy

The shoes are produced in Italy and are made of exclusive Italian materials like “VERO CUOIO“. The manufacturers are certified by ICEC that is the only Certification Institute in Europe and worldwide which is specific for the leather sector.

“In general I have a big interest in all areas and subjects regarding sustainability. One cannot exclude the other and it is therefore important to focus on all aspects of being sustainable.

However, I am particularly passionate about the ethical and social issues including the human aspects of health and safety, so it is a must that the factory employees are protected. In Italy I visit the factories on a regular basis and see all aspects within the producing processes, talk with employees and in that way can ensure all conditions are acceptable.

At the same time, I focused on the shoes being produced with the least possible impact on the environment and animal welfare. That is precisely why it is important to cooperate with factories and producers who are working from the same set of values and have the same culture and why ReyRey aims to comply.”

Photos courtesy of ReyRey
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