Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2017 | MAGNEA

Closing the show on the first night of Reykjavík Fashion Festival was MAGNEA, a brand that has dazzled us year after year with her collections that demonstrate knitwear expertise and close attention to detail.

The collection featured elements that we have come to know and love from MAGNEA‘s previous lines, knits were the usual main emphasis, but also quite a few new ones – there was a definite glam vibe through the use of shiny and luxurious fabrics and midi-length dresses. It was inspired by a photography exhibition, „The Impossible Image“ by Richard Mosse, and influenced by „certain noticeable characters from this fall‘s parliamentary election,“ Magnea Einarsdóttir, head designer at MAGNEA, said in a recent interview with NÝTT LÍF magazine.

The atmosphere was strongly Icelandic, with shaggy tufts of wool covering most of the runway, models wearing thick opaque tights and MAGNEA‘s signature use of wool throughout. The music was a strange combination of eerie and upbeat, which highlighted the subtle eccentricity of the collection and the brand itself. MAGNEA has always strived to use the traditional Icelandic wool in the brand‘s designs, mixing it with other materials in an innovative way to create new textile, which then serves to inspire the creation of new garments.
Earthy tones such as grey, moss green and burgundy were strongly contrasted by a bold pink and a touch of blue and lilac to create a surprising and vibrant mix that somehow managed to come together very harmoniously.

It is a very wearable collection – I saw quite a few pieces I want for myself – and quite versatile as necklines ranged from plunging to turtleneck and fits from loose to tailored, with mostly feminine silhouettes and a few mens-wear inspired pieces in the mix.

Overall, MAGNEA demonstrated a great example of Icelandic design – relaxed femininity with a subtle edge over a balanced undertone of ancient tradition.

Photos courtesy of Reykjavík Fashion Festival

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Producer: Þorgeir F. Óðinsson
Art director: Ásgrímur Már Friðriksson
Sound director: Terrordisco
Runway Coach: Hafsteinn Thor Guðjónsson
Hair: Harpa Ómarsdóttir & Steinunn Ósk with label.m
Makeup: Sara D. Johansen & Sigurlaug D. Bjarnadóttir
with NYX Cosmetics & Reykjavík Makeup School
Models: Dóttir Management & Eskimo Models