Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2017 | INKLAW

The second show of last night‘s Reykjavík Fashion Festival lineup was INKLAW, which was without a doubt the most entertaining show of the whole weekend.

The show was set up in a way that resembled a concert more than a fashion show, with one of the models – the main event – staying on the runway throughout the entire duration of the show with others coming out to join him after walking abstractly around the runway area – breaking up the traditional up-and-down runway walk.

He came out dressed in bright orange, immediately demanding everyone‘s attention as he moved confidently down the runway – busting out his most bad-ass dance moves and then stopping to vape.

INKLAW had the whole crowd cheering – which is again not within the fashion show norm – as models came out in pairs with an attitude that would have anyone shaking in their boots. This group was definitely not to be messed with.

Yet another extraordinary event was the presence of Lady Victoria Hervey on the runway. Participating as a special guest in the INKLAW show, Lady Victoria strutted alongside the other models with her bodyguards on either side of her. Personally, I would have loved to see the bodyguards in INKLAW designs as well.

The collection was in touch with the INKLAW image, which has received a whole lot of attention worldwide in a rather short time. As a young brand,  started by young people, it has a very fresh and innovative approach to business. The INKLAW design team describe themselves as “self-taught”, making each garment on order and usually never sketch a design before making it, as head designer Guðjón Geirsson told NÝTT LÍF magazine in their recent RFF issue.
Street wear was a clear main focus – as INKLAW is heavily inspired by hip-hop – with ripped and distressed denim paired with oversized hoodies and t-shirts, the occasional check and camouflage print and the collection‘s signature ´X´ throughout. The color story was mostly black and dark tones, contrasted by white and bright orange.

Androgyny was a refreshingly dominant aspect of the show as, apart from an X-adorned bikini top, almost the entire collection could very naturally be worn by any gender without being classified especially as women‘s or men‘s wear.

The show ended with a swarm of models – more than in any other RFF show this year – crowding the stage along with the INKLAW design team, smartphones up,  and marching defiantly off the runway and out one of Harpa’s Silfurberg hall’s exits.

It was a very fun and refreshing show. As a whole, the fashion industry could stand to not take itself too seriously once in a while and break out of the traditional mold. INKLAW is a true testament to the need for fresh young talent in fashion design as they presented us, not just with a fashion collection, but a lifestyle and – above all – an attitude.

Photos: RFF Iceland 2017

Producer: Þorgeir F. Óðinsson
Art director: Ásgrímur Már Friðriksson
Sound director: Terrordisco
Runway Coaches: Hafsteinn Thor Guðjónsson,
Stella Rósenkranz & Bergdís Rún
Hair: Harpa Ómarsdóttir & Steinunn Ósk with label.m
Makeup: Sara D. Johansen & Sigurlaug D. Bjarnadóttir
with NYX Cosmetics & Reykjavík Makeup School
Styling: Edda Guðmundsdóttir & Brynja Skjaldardóttir
Models: Dóttir Management, Eskimo Models & Inklaw