Photos That Were Banned from Instagram

Pics or it didn’t happen. Artists Arvida Byström and Molly Soda recently released a book with images that were banned from Instagram.

In the introduction we can read that it is not a book about censorship or a feminist guideline, it’s a book with photos that has one thing in common – they all been taken down from Instagram due to their Community Guidelines.

“The female body is constantly policed – why would Instagram be any different?” – Molly Soda said to Dazed

Byström and Soda began to reach out to artists who had struggled with their photos being taken down from Instagram. They began to notice a pattern in their photos – genitalia, female nipples, pubic hair and bare butts.

Why is that? Why is one kind of normative nudity more accepted?

We believe this book is a great eye-opener. Something that shows us that diversity is still being perceived as too violent to people and that these structures are important to illustrate and talk about in order to make a change.


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Photos: Dazed about Pics or It Didn’t Happen, which can be bought here.

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