Live in Nuet (the Now)

We were invited to share a very special evening with a bunch of food enthusiasts, chefs and bartenders.

We live in a world where we are constantly connected and faced with new impressions every single minute, impressions that we want to capture. Many parts of our lives are recorded online, and we sometimes seem to live life through a camera lens. That’s why Zacapa, together with the master chef Edin Dzemat and one of the world’s best bartenders Jonas Brandenborg Andersen decided to tour around in Sweden with the popup restaurant NUET. A here and now food and beverage concept. The aim is to create an experience that engages all our senses, and gets the visitor to stop for a second and think of the tastes, textures, and scents. And to be in the present. So, at the dinner, we had to turn our phones on silent mode and put them in small white boxes in front of us.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – Why on Earth were the two of you invited?

We thought so too. We were maybe more of the corky artists at the dinner, drawing what we tasted and experienced.

After the dinner, and when we (finally) were allowed to open the boxes in front of us and reach for our dearest of belongings, Siri and I parted ways. It was, of course, impossible to stop us from leaving the “now”, and turn our eyes to our lit phone screens. We had to Facebook-message-hardcore-analyze the past couple of hours.

Jonas: Yikes, I just made the train.

Siri: Lucky me, I can just walk home. OKEY!!! Tell me about your crush on Mischa?

Jonas: Haha… OMG! I was totally starstruck, I didn’t even dare to say anything to her. Did you know that they say that she has the “best palette in Sweden”?

Siri: No, actually I don’t know anything about the foodies in Sweden.

Jonas: Well, you should know about Mischa Billing. I tell ya that.

Siri: I thought the chef was cute though.

Jonas: And the girl from Zacapa looked liked Soffía but with brown hair!

Siri: I know!!! Okey, I have to say. I don’t like cocktails that taste liquorice…

Jonas: What?! I love rum (which is not liquorice you non-alcoholic-gal). That black drink with “active coal” though??? Is that even healthy. Can you eat BBQ coal?

Siri: LOVED IT!!!!! I mean it was a bit scary to drink something totally black (you don’t know since you’re colourblind).


Siri: But I was surprised that it was fresh and limeeeey.

Jonas: I liked the first course! Lobster and some lingonberry-thingy. I also loooove contrasts between warm and cold. The dark rye bread felt like sand tho.

Siri: I know! Me too! No, I liked the rye bread. But the cocktail wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Jonas: I feel like we were pretending to be in the present moment during the first course but later on we we’re really IN DA MOMENT. U know.

Siri: Haha, yes. We really went for it. It was fun drawing your experience on a piece of paper. I liked Mischa’s descriptions of everything as well.

Jonas: Omg, yes! And I love when you look at food like that. Like it’s art or something.

Jonas: What about the second course?

Siri: So. Much. Oil and stuff.

Jonas: You loved the white sauce.

Siri: Hahah…. But actually I thought the course was very interesting, since they weren’t using any salt or spices. AND OH! It went so well together with the cocktail!

Jonas: I heard some girls saying the green oil had to be made from chive, but I didn’t really care about the ingredients, I just really wanted to taste everything and how different it tastes when you combine what’s on your plate with what’s in your glass, drink first, eat a little, eat first, drink a little.

Siri: I agree. That was like a whole new experience for me.

Jonas: Also, believe it or not but I needed those two hours time out from my phone #addicted

Siri: What did you think about the dessert? I liked it! The combinations of creamy and ice.

Jonas: Ok, so at this time we were real pros. We were sniffing the plate, examining it closely and we actually nailed most of the flavors!! So impressed.

Siri: I know. We were so skilled. And I was impressed by the rose powder which they’ve covered the glasses with.

Jonas: Oh, yeah. I licked the glass…. Like ten times hahah. I have to go now, see you tomorrow!

Siri: Byeeeee!

Jonas: Wait, one more thing! Describe the evening in three words!

Siri: Relaxed, fun and pre-don’t-know-who’s-going-to-be-there-nervous. You?

Jonas: Interesting, tasty, and… I was actually a little hungry afterward. Bye now!

nuet by zacapa stockholm hotel lydmar

Photos: AWB/Zacapa

Now you can also get this marvelous experience. Bookings for Lydmar (in Stockholm), Johannes Kök (Linköping) and Sjömagasinet (Gothenburg) are now open.