Editorial: Lonely Island

Lonely Island

“Lonely Island is a place for when you need to be isolated from the world. It feels like time stands still as it looks exactly the same every time you return home to the islands. People and buildings change but being here always reminds me that nature is powerful. When you live in a place like this, it’s easy to forget the beauty you are surrounded by until nature throws a storm so big that you are once again reminded of your insignificance as a human. Once the storm passes you are left with a new cleansed you, new possibilities open and fresh ideas flow.”

Elisa Heinesen, Designer

lonely island

lonely island

lonely island

Photographer: Elisa Heinesen // @elisa_heinesen

Model: Juanita Schrøter Holm // @juanitasholm

Make-up: Mirjam Reinert Olsen // @makeupstorefo

Fashion assistant: Anna Margit Arabo and Hanna Hansen


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