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Baumgarten di Marco creates jewelry with the aim to be the line between simplicity and elegance. Their jewelry consists of the parts that remain from the diamond-cutting process. Their ambition is to create something wearable and beautiful, while not letting anything go to waste. Each piece is hand-crafted with sustainable materials. 

This year the Swedish Fashion Council selected Baumgarten di Marco as one out of four jewelry designers to get the title “Swedish Fashion Talents”. We had a short chat with the women behind the brand, Jenny Kask and Lisa von Baumgarten, about their background, vision and ideas.

Why did you decide to start making jewelry, what’s your story?
We both worked at Indiska and then I [Jenny] started to work with another company for a period, a jewelry brand. Meanwhile, Lisa and Kristin [di Marco] developed Baumgarten di Marco, where they started to produce leather shopping bags. During my period at the other jewelry company I thought, I can do this myself, and so I asked Lisa to join me. Since she already had a company going, we took it from there.

Where do you produce your products?
In India, we’ve always had a fascination with India. It’s all hand-crafted!

What is your vision and future goals?
To reach out globally as a well-known jewelry brand.

You say your jewelry is unisex and you also work in a sustainable way. A constant strive to reduce the environmental footprint. What are your thoughts on this? 
Our foundation and idea is to make our jewelry unisex, and also in an environmentally friendly manner. To make high-quality and timeless design and styles decreases the overall environmental impact of overconsumption.

We don’t want to create something in a certain frame and decide who’d like to wear it, that is up to the recipient to decide. We make “classic feminine” jewelry, but to label something with a feminine look is a matter of definition. Who decides that something is feminine or that you yourself have to define you as feminine to wear it?


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Photos: Johan Nilsson and Johan Tunebjer © Baumgarten di Marco