Interview: Cajsa Wessberg

Illustrator, artist and model. Cajsa Wessberg has a pretty solid resume at this point. With experience from both Beckmans School of Design, KV Art School, Gerlesborgsskolan and Nyckelviksskolan she has developed her own style and format, won several prizes and become a shooting star. With a constant influence from Nature and animals, Cajsa is an inspiration to many.

We had a short chat with Cajsa about her inspiration, International Women’s Day and other stuff that we were craving to know.

What’s your current obsession? Do you have one?

I’m always obsessed with the Harry Potter audio book, read by Stephen Fry. I listen to it over and over again, I know exactly what’s going to happen in the next sentence. For me, Harry Potter is the ultimate feeling of security and relaxation. Something I only do for myself.

When did you become interested in illustration and art?

It’s basically been with me since my birth. My mom is an artist so I’ve always been surrounded by different tools and materials, and she has always encouraged me to draw and to create.

I’m really impressed by your project Köttdjur [meat animals], how did you come up with that idea?

Thank you! It was my final project at Beckmans School of Design. Animals have always been very important to me so I decided to do something concerning meat. I chose to approach children, cause they’re the future, and also because they might be easier to affect than oldies who are trapped in their usual habits, structures and beliefs. So I put together meat + products + kids and the result was pedagogical products that will learn children that meat is animals.

Favorite female inspiration?

Tove Jansson is incredible, so talented. But I actually don’t have that many role models. I think I mostly just get my inspiration from inside.

Since it’s the International Women’s Day – what’s your thoughts on this day? What’s most urgent on the women’s rights agenda?

It’s necessary on so many levels, from equal salary to laws of consent. I personally think it’s time to talk more about the female orgasm. The “classic intercourse” is in some ways constructed only to satisfy the man and his needs. I don’t know how many times my girlfriends and I had sex without getting an orgasm back. How can that be okay?

Best advice you’ve got about love?

That love doesn’t have to come from a romantic partner. It could be from friends and family. It feels like we’re obsessed to find ”the one”, who will fill the hole in our hearts. And that the love from our friends and family only works as substitute until you fall in love, for real. Sure, it’s amazing to be in love and totally devote oneself to that person, but don’t let it be your only source of love. That makes you vulnerable and dependent.

Photos: @cajsawessberg, featured image from Sicky Mag (you gotta see the full series!)

This post is part of our celebration of International Women’s Day 2017. Find all related content here!