Unique Beauty with the Lejonhjärta Twins

Max Factor believes that every woman has something special, a factor to enhance and be proud of. They want to highlight the brand’s heritage with their new #myfactor campaign, which was inspired by and created to encourage women to look and feel the beauty they already possess – celebrate your outer and inner beauty.

The Swedish singer Miriam Bryant and the twin sisters who took social media by storm, Victoria och Elizabeth Lejonhjärta, will together with some of Scandinavia’s most influential women represent the #myfactor campaign – these women have come together to celebrate their “factor” – what they are happy about, what features they like to highlight and also their insecurities.

“I never thought of it, but I’ve come to realize that I have a lot of qualities to be proud of and that I really like about my looks. I hope that the #myfactor campaign inspires other women to think positively and have the courage to focus on the beauty they possess, both traits and physical characteristics. “
– Miriam Bryant

“Among the most powerful insights we have is that our value is not in our ability to reach the expectations and demands of the outside world, and that is something we want to share with you. For us, the #myfactor campaign represents self-love regardless of how your body meets to societies standard of beauty, for us that’s important.”
– Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta

Your FACTOR is what makes you beautiful and it’s also what makes you, YOU! What’s your factor?

Photos: Max Factor