Iceland Through the Eyes of Páll Stefánsson

The Icelandic photographer Páll Stefánsson makes works of art. It’s as simple as that. Whether landscape in Iceland or elsewhere, portraits or whatever – he manages to capture the moment perfectly and more than perfectly. The outcome? Scroll down and see some pictures taken in Iceland the last 12 months. They are almost like taken in another world. The colors and the style: Adventurous.

Páll Stefánsson was born in North Iceland where the nature is basically on the doorstep and maybe that had some effect.

The years passed – the midnight sun shone and the Northern Lights danced during winter and at twenty, Páll decided to move to Sweden to study photography.

“I was at the crossroads, when you have to made a decision what to do with your life.”

In the country of Emil, Lina and Pippi Långstrump, Páll got to know the art of photography better. After three years he moved back to Iceland and was hired as a photographer for the magazine Iceland Review, then picture editor and since 2009, Páll has been chief editor of the magazine.

All kind of works

This artist is humble when asked about the style of his photographs. “They are simple, straightforward. I think I have a very simple style, 99 percent of my images are with three prime lenses for FF, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm ƒ1.4 lenses. That is all I need. And interesting light, interesting people or fascinating food in front of my camera lens.”

He does all kinds of works. Landscape, reportage, portraits, food and travel. “No preferences. I still enjoy taking pictures, maybe more today than ever. It’s my way of life.”

35 books and more to come

Páll has published more than 35 books, like photo books about Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway for the National Geography books in Germany. He has made commercials and worked for companies and organizations such as Leica, Nordic Counsel, Hasselblad, UN, the Red Cross and UNESCO documenting World Heritage Sites. That project brought him to Timbuktu, Kyoto, Kiev, Lima in Peru, and Gao in Mali, just to name just a few destinations.

This spring, Páll will publish a few more books. About the World refugee crises, images from all over world from Bangladesh to Mali and the Middle East, The Selfie culture – pictures of people taking pictures of themselves on four continents, and a book about the Icelandic landscape.

Páll will soon start a new project – a book about pollution in the world. “It will be interesting to visit some of the worst places on the planet.”

When this Icelandic artist is asked about his goals he says: “Be a better photographer.” One may ask, is that possible?

Photos courtesy of Páll Stefánsson

Páll Stefánsson is also the Editor-in-Chief of Iceland Review. For more information visit