Gummy Bears Are Your Hair’s Best Friend

Yes, I’m talking about SugarBearHair. The hair vitamins brand that has been taking social media by storm and is part of every it-girl’s daily beauty routine. If you’re not familiar with these amazing hair vitamins then keep on reading, you’ll be doing your hair a huge favor.

gummy hair vitamins

Image: Linda Hallberg

What is SugarBearHair?

SugarBearHair is a hair vitamin company that produces the sweetest and cutest hair vitamins you’ll ever see on the market. These cute light blue gummies are supposed to improve the quality of your hair and stimulate healthier, longer and stronger hairs (sounds like a dream). The formula is specifically created to work on every hair type, including dyed hair so there is no need to stress over losing the shape of your curls because these cute gummies got it all under control.

The gummy bears are 100% vegetarian, gluten and gelatin-free. The formula is rich with Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 which stimulates hair and nail growth), vitamin A, C, E and B12, zinc, and coconut oil which is a great moisture source for both the hair and scalp. They do not contain any hormones so they won’t affect your body and facial hair. Here is all the ‘amazingness’ a bottle of SugarBearHair contains:

sugar bear hair ingredients


I tried out the SugarBearHair vitamins for a month and here is what I think:

I have been interested in testing out these cute gummies for over a year now. Every time I’m about to purchase them I hesitate and tell myself  “There is no way these cute gummy bears could work” – oh, was I wrong!

Let me start by saying… The Scandinavian weather can be very damaging to your hair if you don’t take care of it regularly with the right styling/hair care products and vitamins. Both women and men in Scandinavia spend a lot on hair care products and hair supplements so trust me when I say that I’ve tried almost every single hair vitamin brand on the market and none of them impressed me, until now. For the past two years, my hair has been going through some major changes due to my stressful lifestyle. Hair loss has been for me, the most annoying issue to deal with. I kept finding myself thinking at times “this is it… I’m getting bald.”

I’ve been using SugarBearHair for only a month and I’ve truly noticed some real improvements in my hair. It feels softer, shinier and looks healthier. I was truly surprised considering the fact that I haven’t experienced fast results in such a short period of time using other hair vitamin brands. In terms of hair growth, I’ve definitely noticed my hair growing faster and longer and I just noticed few baby hairs coming out this morning (so excited). I’ve also noticed that my skin looks more radiant and my nails are definitely growing faster and stronger than before.

Say bye bye to funny smelling powdery tasting hair vitamins. The best part about SugarBearHair gummy bears is the amazing taste! These gummies are infused with real berries, fruits, and coconut oil, giving them their delicious and sweet taste. It’s like eating candy but getting all the good benefits of vitamins, can it get any better? The answer is probably NO! Every day I was looking forward to the next day just so I could eat two more of my SugarBearHair vitamins. The cuteness and delicious taste made it easier for me to remember taking them daily. Warning! Too delicious! Hide from friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Healthy hair is only one chew away!

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Featured Image: Pinterest/ Instagram: Ellenvlora