Get Ready for Reykjavík Fashion Festival

It‘s finally here! After being very disappointed and sad about its absence, it‘s time for us to welcome back Reykjavík Fashion Festival!

This year RFF is a bit different, and especially close to our hearts here at Nordic Style Magazine, as our very own Sigrún Ásta Jörgensen is project manager for this much-anticipated event – themed “ROK“ (Icelandic: ´strong wind´).

ROK is something us Icelanders recognize all too well, as the rough and ever-changing windy climate has always played a fundamental part in shaping our character as a nation. Our exposure to these often harsh conditions has compelled us to have a profound respect for, and a close relationship with, nature.

The organizers of RFF this year are opening the much-needed conversation about harmony between people and nature and underlining the necessity of sustainability within our ever expanding market of consumption.

“Evolved in the unique environment around us.
We dedicate ourselves to represent our Icelandic heritage.
Inspired by raw elements.
Shaped by natural forces.
Conscious of our surroundings.“

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This year RFF will be held over the course of two days (23rd-25th march), coinciding with part of the inspiring and fun-filled DesignMarch festival – resulting in a weekend packed with diverse events celebrating Icelandic design in virtually every aspect imaginable.

Six young and talented designers will be showcasing their designs at this years RFF, each with their very own unique voice and approach to fashion design. Aníta Hirlekar, Cintamani, Inklaw, Magnea, Myrka and Ýr, will guarantee a realistic demonstration of the distinctiveness and diversity that characterizes Icelandic design.

Whether you‘re able to attend RFF yourself or follow the happenings here, one thing‘s for sure, you‘ll definitely come away from it with a love and appreciation for Icelandic fashion design.

Stay tuned, we‘ll be attending and keeping you updated here on the site as well as on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @nordicstylemag.

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