Acne Studios Woman SS17

Spring is fast approaching and no country is maybe more obsessed with its progression than Sweden. And for those who long for some renewal (that we automatically think will come just because we are given an hour or so of more daylight), why not gorge in the pride of Swedish fashion  – Acne Studios Women SS17.

It’s not often that the creative director Jonny Johansson makes a politic statement with his eclectic design, but with his SS17 woman collection, not even he could resist to approach it. 

He says “It is interesting to me that even though we live in a digital age with a free flow of information, there are many countries who want to close their borders. I prefer to focus on openness and looking out into the world,”

With the unfinished, rough edges and boxy silhouettes in rugged material, it’s not far-fetched to relate the collection to the instability in the world.

Noteworthy is the contrasts in the collection. The materials go from sheer flowing dresses and voluminous scarfs to heavy, carpet-like dresses and sweatshirts, to end up in Acne’s core material, denim. The contrasts also feel connected to a deeper level of status. The light multi-printed dresses feel to be designed for a Middle Eastern upper-class girl that likes to enjoy a glass of wine on a white-washed balcony overlooking the azure sea. While the over-dimensioned sweaters and dresses in the rough thick materials give a feeling of a harder more demanding life with connotations to the reality of a nomad.  A feeling of old school workwear is given by the, also oversized, structured denim garments. The colours on theses pieces are spread from black and muffled brown to light green and blue. The paisley pattern covering most of the items give it a more exclusive finish. Other patterns are stripes and tartan, often reoccurring and freely mixed.

Overall the collection feels a bit sprawling but with some tempting individual garments. Particularly the denim robes in the varying length and colours. Also, the thin, dreamy scarfs that seem to go on for miles is giving a bit of tingle in the craving center of the brain.

Photos: Acne Studios