What Can Stockholm Learn From Kanye West?

Kanye West presented his Yeezy Season 5 yesterday at New York Fashion Week. The show was presented in a new way that made us fully realize that fashion-tech is real!

The models were filmed backstage on a rotating platform which was screened on a large cube on the runway in front of the audience. The show was under a strict ‘social media prohibition’ which to me seems like a contradicting element due to the modern tech set-up, but at the same time, the contrast makes it incredibly interesting and appealing. To sort of put the contemporary, always-connected era in a closed off room creates a here and now atmosphere.  Maybe this setup was just about creating (even more) buzz or press though, I don’t really know. I also heard that the presentation was installed so that everyone invited could see all the details and the clothing equally well, no matter if you were placed in the back or sitting f’row. Goodbye elitism?

Maybe the combination ‘tech and fashion’ is necessary for continued interest in the fashion industry. It’s about intertwining the technical acceleration of our time with the cultural scene.

Fashion Week in Stockholm had one “tech-show” this season. HAAL showed their collection in virtual reality. And last year Ida Klamborn did something called Democratic Frontrow. But we need more! I’m head over heals about these types of combinations. I do love the old school, printed magazines, and fashion that I can touch, but this is a sort of creative room without walls – in the virtual reality there are no boundaries.

Stockholm – take note.

Okay, back to Yeezy. One big thing that caused hype was, of course, the casting. They’d done a fantastic job with the casting and especially noteworthy was the model Halima Aden, whom worked her first show and wore a hijab (!). I shouldn’t have to use the exclamation point but sadly it is not a common thing. As we’ve discussed in previous fashion reviews, there is so much more this industry has to do when it comes to equality and diversity.

Stockholm, again, take note.

Here is Yeezy Season 5:

Yeezy Season 5 nordic style magazine kanye west Yeezy Season 5

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Photos: Harpers Bazaar.