Smooth, Bullet-Proof Kisses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is tomorrow and we’re so excited! The main key to the ultimate Valentine’s day makeup is the signature red lip. For us Scandinavian girls/boys we need to show our lips some extra love during this time of the year due to the cold crisp weather’s effect on our lips. Dry and chapped lips are not cute and applying dark lipstick colors on top of dry lips is even worse. If your lips need some extra TLC don’t worry we’re here to help. Here is how to get the smoothest lips in town for Valentine’s day.

Step 1: Exfoliate
The first step to smooth kissable lips is exfoliation! Exfoliating the lips removes dead skin cells also plumps and prepares the lips for the next step. H&M Lip Scrub is affordable and does a great job exfoliating the


Step 2: Prime
Next step is priming the lips with your favorite clear lip balm (any lip balm works) to protect and moist the lips after exfoliation. This lip balm from Tromborg is rich in shea butter and aloe vera which is both moisturizing and calming.tromborg


Step 3: Line the lips
Lining the lips will make the lipstick look better, last longer and make your lips look fuller. The secret to long-lasting lipstick is to fill in your lips completely with pencil before applying your lipstick the lip liner will act as an extra layer and hold down the lipstick all day and night. This lip liner is from Make Up Store and literary last ALL day and it’s also one of my personal favorites!makeupstore.liplinerImage:


Step 4: Lipstick
Last but not least apply your favorite red lipstick. For optimal precision, apply using a lip brush! This bright red matte lipstick from Face Stockholm applies amazingly on the lips and lasts all day!facesthlm.lipstick.brush



Step 5: KISS KISS !!


Featured image: Youtube