Plants for Beginners and Apartment Dwellers

Some of us are hmm… let’s say not as gifted when it comes to caring for plants, or are just new to it! I clearly remember a time a few years back, when I didn’t know how to start and the time when a plant didn’t dry up on me for the first time! It’s all about starting with the basics. With these plants, you’ll be able to practice your plants skills and keep them alive and beautiful with no problems.

Important things to remember:

  • Your plants will need more water in summer and less water in winter, because they go into a kind of “hibernation”.
  • Enough sunlight is key, though some plants can thrive with very little.
  • Wipe down your plants leaves to make sure they can properly breathe.
  • Make sure all your plant pots have a drainage hole.

Now that you have the basics, here are some easy to care for plant options!



Photo courtesy of The Sill

The Pothos is a beautiful leafy green plant that grows very long vines with time, creating a really earthy and lush environment. They just need a thorough watering once a week in summer, and every other week in winter, easy as that! Pothos will thrive in low or brightly lit spaces, so they are great for apartments. Plus, when the vines begin to grow long and hang down they can be an especially beautiful accent to a space.



Photo courtesy of Planted Well

Aloe is an all-around wonderful plant. Not only does it look tropical, but it has soothing and effective healing properties for cuts, burns and general skin irritations!  Aloe plants love water, though keep in mind, this doesn’t mean they like to be sopping wet. In summer you can thoroughly water them weekly (especially if it is hot where you live), and in winter a thorough water every other week should be good. Aloe plants also love sunshine, so a windowsill or a well-lit room would be great for these.

Snake Plant


Photo courtesy of The Sill

Snake plants are very whimsical looking with leaves that grow upright. They come in different varieties, some with yellow stripes along the leave’s edges, and others with varied green toned textures. In summer, plants need more water, so water once a week (make sure that the soil is dry between watering sessions) and in winter, water it with less water every two weeks. Snake plants love sunlight, but they also do well with less sunlight, which also makes them amazing for apartments.



Photo courtesy of The Sill

Who doesn’t love some cacti?!! They are so simple, beautiful, and add aesthetic appeal to every space. Cacti only need very little water, so in summer just add water when the soil is dry (around every 2 weeks). In wintertime, follow the same guidelines, but the plants will need even less water.  You can still water them every two weeks, just using less water. Its also important to remember that cacti love sunshine! So a windowsill would be the perfect spot for one.

Feature photo courtesy of Mojenterijer