Editorial: On the Loop

Fashion brand Algorithme was founded in Denmark by Polish-born designer Marta Dolska. This editorial is shot with her designs by Krzysztof Wieczorek.

“Algorithme is all about people, and I want to encourage people to feel their best, without complexes. I want people to enjoy and explore fashion regardless of their age, race or weight. Algorithme is a guideline for deep self-exploration, I want you to become your own role model. I want you to discover your unique side and cherish it.”
– Marta Dolska

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“We learn, we grow, we change every day and the change never stops.” – Marta Dolska


Models: Fie Krogh, Amalie Sofia Vestergaard, Miriam Kirsten Maria Majcherek

Makeup: Romina Alvarez

Stylist: Eliza Georgieva

Photographer: Photoholizm, Krzysztof Wieczorek

Designer, Creative Director: Marta Dolska