Daisy Grace: Bring the Popcorn

Daisy Grace, the brand founded by the media power ladies Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman, was launched last year. After their runway show at Fashion Week in August, they received heavy criticism from “well-regarded” fashion critics. BON, for instance, commented that it was the “worst show ever at Fashion Week in Stockholm” and that there were only negative things to say about the actual garments; “really bad materials, bad designs, bad fit etc“.

What was refreshing about their presentation back then, which we also commented on, was that they did their own thing – both the see-now-buy-now concept and their take on norms of gender and the “ideal” body. This year they wanted to do their own thing again, so they let director Andreas Öhman (known for Simple Simon/I Rymden Finns Inga Känslor) interpret the brand and the new collection, and create a short film which was presented for a selected number of friends, journalists, bloggers during Fashion Week in Stockholm.

The film was beautifully made, it was moody, dimmed but colorful, and had great actors. They managed to successfully create something emotional. However, I heard a few people in the crowd afterward asking “wait, what was the storyline?” and “did you see the clothes?” – I couldn’t help but think the same thing. After looking at it again, and again, I’ve concluded that it’s some sort of phone call conversation between Daisy and Grace, the two personalities representing the brand and its wearers. What is forgotten, though, is the clothes, and I still think so after a few weeks (yes, sorry that this post took so long, I’ve been trying to get my head around this film), it’s just too dark to see the garments, too many closeups on the actor’s pretty faces and too many cheesy lines that steal the focus. It’s a nice film but there is no fashion which is, as you might guess, what we expect when we go to see a coming collection during Fashion Week. I mean, wouldn’t you expect that?

So, since we can’t really judge the collection we’re going to let them describe it for you – and if you want to you can watch the video below, but make sure you pop some popcorn first.

“The collection is a mix of rebellious romance, where playfulness and sexiness meet attitude – ruffles meet studs – Daisy meets Grace.” 

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Photos: DaisyGrace.se