CPHFW | Munthe AW17

Last but not least, we had to mention this year’s wild child at Copenhagen Fashion Week – Munthe. Rebel, Skater, Graphics & Badass, this year’s AW17 collection certainly exceeded our expectations and we need to get our hands on that limited edition t-shirt already with our favourite saying this season – “Ok, so I lied”. 

Out in the ever so fresh skater park of Copenhagen, stylish CPHFW goers entered the world of wonderful creative, Naja Munthe, who demonstrated a bit of much needed “pussy grabs back” attitude with skaters, music, snacks and graphics infused in some statement pieces giving a middle finger to a certain president-elect and simultaneously bringing back power to the people.

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The AW collection showed truly amazing pieces blending evening glam and glitter with casual streetwear, making the evening look the new casual by giving a fresh twist on classic Scandinavian styles. Visual statement pieces were draped and decorated with artistic prints, fabrics and accessories, seeing camouflage make a much-loved appearance along with, striped and printed suits, silky satin, a sporty pant and loose fitted tops.

I might need to get my hands on a few of these edgy cool pieces for the summer, perfect both for day and evening wear.

“Ok, so I lied” – I need it all actually.

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Our absolute favourite pieces, were the loose fitted matched suits in fiery red and cool stripes, playful camouflage and lace materials, heavy navy coat lined with chic fur and freshly cut skirts that will definitely be a wardrobe essential this post-summer.


Images courtesy of CPHFW

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