CPHFW ⎮ Henrik Vibskov AW17

Yesterday Henrik Vibskov presented his AW17 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Set in one of Copenhagen’s most spectacular venues, the raw and beautiful Østre Gasværk Teater (1883), located in an abandoned gasometer in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen.   

With an almost gladiator’esque arena being filled up with hungry viewers for the next artistic love child by the designer, who is known for combining all the elements of the whole creative spectrum together in one harmonious artistic presentation.


The dimmed orange and rusty lights shed calmly on deformed yogis in a twisted and surreal scene where synchronized movements went by almost like a human clock counting down the minutes until the every end and thus it was The Five O’ Clock Leg Alignment appeared before us lucky viewers

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This season Viskov is presenting us with a collection of refreshing variety, mixing beautiful materials of wool, heavy denim, monochrome prints, charismatic knitwear, in playful contrast to the artistic headpieces giving off an alien vibe. Most splashes of color were of natural and earthy tones with playful hints of bright shades giving each piece a signature ‘Vibskov’ feel.

I can’t help but wonder if Vibskov is reminding us to make better choices not only in common consumption but also in fashion! Let’s choose the items that last a lifetime, to pass on to our loved ones, showing us that sustainable and functional is pure beauty in a mass society of consumption due to the constant shift of trends.

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Vibskov is taking us forward to a much needed simpler time without all the chaos, the trends, too many superficial logos and unsustainable fashion choices. With playful silhouettes, sports tracks, vibrant yet perfectly coordinated color palettes and just a hint of classic Vibskov bright prints, this is everything we need in regaining our innocence as human begins. Allowing people to go beyond gender-specific forms, find harmony with each piece through body, mind and our forever playful & creative soul.


Runway images courtesy of Victor Jones

Scene & feature images courtesy of Alastair Philip Wiper


Thank you once again Team Vibskov for allowing us to be apart of your world – today, tomorrow & hopefully forever.