The Hanging at CPHFW | Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn AW17 might have been the deadliest show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Titled “Rats and dogs, killing men”. (Why you ask, just check our Instagram video of the finale, here).  The senselessly cool and boundary-shaking Han Kjøbenhavn set the vibe of a dark and twisted AW17 show. 

The designers behind the brand have long been recognized for their ability to bring controversial, fresh and a somewhat new perspective to their design concepts. This year did not disappoint. Behind the curtains stood a darkness lurking, with four men on a row of gallows ready to be hung. The viewers not knowing what to expect could not take their eyes of the deadly runway.

As feared but expected the finale showed the four men being hung, with a complete silence filling the room, I was left with a certain discomfort and an abundance of thoughts. Which was probably the whole point – to leave the viewers with some kind of search for meaning, an ode to what we are facing in the world today. But why? Maybe we don’t fully grasp the political statement or artistic expression of something so revolting.

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As the collection appeared alongside the scene of anarchy the mood was set of a twisted dystopia, a primal time of rule between men or animals – “he who is strongest, shall be victorious”.

The AW17 collection presented an absolute necessary freshness to the archetypical Scandinavian. With loose fitted silhouettes portrayed in dark mossy green, deep marine and burgundy colours the pieces were extremely varied, sporting almost every layer of material from velvet, denim, fur, tweed, camouflage to leather this collection somewhat translated into an effortless new cool and “don’t give a f’*k” look.

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Han Kjøbenhavn is feeling long overcoats and trousers that swing wide. Also, quirky hints of neon shades graced the runway, the filthy electric yellow and orange acted as optimistic vibes much needed in today’s world.

Not sure if this may be a look to everyone’s taste, but one can’t argue the fact that there is a fresh point of view here, there are certainly pieces I would like to get my hands on and play around with.

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With the continuous rise of sport-style suits over the past two seasons, are we finally leaving the hyped sporty look for a far more casual, street-oriented direction? highlighting not overworked designs, but instead seeing a mix of materials and layers into one badass look.


Images courtesy of CPHFW

Featured image: Han Kjobenhavn

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