YDE Copenhagen: Feminine, whimsical and modern

The Danish designer and award winner Ole Yde grew up in Odense like the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen who is known for his fairy tales. His brand, YDE, is recognized for its sophisticated day pieces as well as evening wear designs and known for its original and delicate mix of modern Nordic design and opulent materials. It’s Ole Yde’s own fairy tale.

“I grew up in a peaceful, safe, happy and family oriented surrounding which I think contributed to the way that I can see the good and beauty in everything and everyone. Growing up, I was also influenced by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, whose birthplace also happens to be Odense,” Ole Yde says. It was H. C. Andersen who wrote the story The Emperor’s New Clothes; the weavers in the story say that the new suit of clothes of the emperor is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, incompent or stupid which means that the emperor walks about naked.

Ole says that when growing up, he always knew that he had to do something creative in the future. “I never doubted it, but my biggest passion was designing dresses and jewelry.”

At the age of 18, Ole moved to Copenhagen to study design. “My family and I used to travel a lot throughout my life and I’ve always been curious about new places. I knew that, for what I wanted to do, I needed to be exposed to more. I think Copenhagen is a breathtaking city, although smaller than most big cities in Europe, it’s filled with amazing art and culture, stunning architecture and colors. In its simplicity it’s extremely stylish and rich.”

There – in this adventurous city – Ole has run his company since 2005. Asked about where he gets inspiration, Ole says: “Anywhere from classical music, opera, ballet, art, architecture, literature and historical figures to fascinating cultures around the world.”

An international luxury fashion house

YDE is feminine, whimsical and modern. “The iconic fashion houses in Paris, especially Yves Saint Laurent, have inspired me all my life. We wanted to build YDE with the same philosophy; meaning great workmanship, timeless designs using intricate fabrics, to make each style special. It’s always been about creating pieces that would make people feel special and happy. One of my dreams was for YDE to be in the official show calendar in Paris which we have been fortunate enough to be part of for the past 6 seasons. It’s been a pleasure being able to showcase our collection in Copenhagen, New York and Paris. Our goal is to build YDE as an international luxury fashion house and expanding into the world of accessories and jewelry in the future.”

Several awards

YDE’s clothes are sold in Scandinavia, Russia, the Middle East, Japan and North America where the brand is growing the fastest. The Atelier of YDE is located at the YDE boutique in the center of Copenhagen. The Atelier provides YDE’s private clients with one of a kind pieces for all occasions.

The Danish designer, who has created a world of his own, has recieeved several awards: The Illum’s design prize at the very beginning, the Ginen and Silver Thread awards several years later and the 2016 ELLE Style award for designer of the year.

About his goals for the future, Ole says: “To continue what I’m doing now, surrounded by loving friends and family and inspired by all the beauty around us.“

The fairy tale continues.

YDE RS17 0008

YDE RS17 0028

YDE RS17 0045

YDE RS17 0079

YDE RS17 0118

YDE RS17 0139

YDE RS17 0156

YDE RS17 0188

YDE RS17 0213

YDE RS17 0232

YDE RS17 0305

YDE RS17 0342

YDE RS17 0395

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YDE RS17 0506

YDE RS17 0530

YDE RS17 0575

YDE RS17 0599

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YDE RS17 0710

Photos of YDE SS17 collection courtesy of IMAXTREE

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