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The Nordic Embassies in Berlin Welcome Sigurd Larsen

‘Any exciting building should have a piece of furniture designed uniquely and specially for the house… In the Nordic countries we have a long tradition of combining design and architecture like this.’ Mari Hellsen, the director of Fellehuset (‘shared house’) in the Nordic embassies of Berlin perfectly sums up Sigurd Larsen’s collection of furniture that he has designed for the space.

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin is a collaboration between the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland), each getting a band of space to design and use as their embassy. Then in a sixth building, there is a canteen, reception and communal space called the ‘Felleshuset‘. The furniture range Felleshocker takes its’ name from the Scandinavian word ‘felles‘ which means shared/together and ‘hocker‘ the German word for stool.

Nordic Style Mag Sigurd Larsen Nordic Embassies Berlin Design 4

Nordic Style Mag Sigurd Larsen Nordic Embassies Berlin Design 1

Bringing together beautiful, simple design and the idea of sharing a space, Sigurd Larsen has combined oak and laser-cut metal to create furniture that can be easily moved, stacked and shared for multiple purposes. All of the items are available in different colours, which are soft and muted to match the building’s own design and when combined, add a mix of colour across the space, attracting visitors to explore and take a seat. The differing heights and easy mobility inspire informal meetings and conversations, encouraging a relaxed atmosphere in a place that can be quite stressful and serious for many.

Nordic Style Mag Sigurd Larsen Nordic Embassies Berlin Design 3

Nordic Style Mag Sigurd Larsen Nordic Embassies Berlin Design 2

Alongside the coloured pieces, there are galvanised steel options which are suitable for outdoors, and continue the aesthetic to every corner of the beautiful complex. Like the rest of Sigurd’s work, the furniture takes into account space and light – there are no heavy frames, dark colours and cumbersome materials, but furniture that is easy on the eye, fun and inviting. This set of furniture perfectly combines Nordic aesthetic and the idea of a community, changing the perception of an official and serious space into one that is much more open and relaxed.

Photo By: Sigurd Larsen