All-Natural Nordic Makeup Look

The Nordic makeup look is all about slightly enhancing your features and most importantly keeping things natural. Whether you want to give your skin a bit of a breather, or just prefer a lighter, fresher look, this will have you all set. Nordic girls often tend to opt for this refreshing look because it is simple and natural, yet makes you look healthy and polished. Here are some amazing all natural products to help you achieve this look, while avoiding harmful ingredients, and feeding your skin!

The Base

Keep things light and dewy. Go for a light coverage using a bit of a moisturizing concealer, and/or a tinted moisturizer. This way the beautiful texture and glow of your skin will shine through! If your skin is having a good day just stick to your favorite moisturizer.

Here are some wonderful natural options:



100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer

This concealer is super creamy with a medium buildable coverage. It blends into the skin soo nicely, while still letting the skin shine through.


Vapour Beauty Luminous Atmosphere Foundation

Though this is technically called a foundation, it’s light-medium buildable and its dewy coverage makes it perfect for the fresh and natural skin look. It blends in beautifully and is really convenient for on the go use and travel.


Blending a cream highlighter  into the skin gives a beautiful and natural ultra-healthy glow. Just dab some on your cheekbones, browbone, and the inner corner of your eyes, for the lit from within look. This should definitely do the trick, but if you want to add some blush, I’d say stick to a cream formula. Blending this into the apples of the cheeks will give a youthful flush that meshes well with the skin.


RMS Living Luminizer

This coconut oil based, pearlescent creme highlighter from RMS will give you the most beautiful natural glow, without looking cakey or glittery! It looks beautiful on all skin tones.


Ilia Multistick in At Last

Ilia’s cream multistick in “At Last” will blend seamlessly into the skin, giving dewy and natural flush of color to the cheeks… or wherever else you apply it!


Scandinavians love a full, fluffy and feathery brow, and though not all of us have these traits, we can definitely add fullness and dimension while keeping a natural look. Lightly filling in gaps with small strokes to create the illusion of more hairs and using a clear brow gel to brush the hairs slightly upward will achieve fuller and feathery brows.



This brow pomade is so good that it’s almost hard to believe that it is natural! The color range is great, the formula is very long lasting, easy to work with. Everything one could ask for right!?


I keep using the words light and lightly, but I can’t help it! Lightly defined eyes are all you need for this look. Just some mascara, and maybe some warm matte brown eyeshadow blended through the crease for some extra definition.


Dr. Hauschka Mascara

This mascara creates long fluttery lashes and is perfect for everyday wear. Plus it is available in three colors!


Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow In Earthy Calm

Earthy Calm is the perfect everyday eyeshadow that will flatter every eye color. The Danish brand truly values the importance of using natural ingredients and staying sustainable with their refillable stainless steel packaging.


Here it really depends on whether you prefer some color on your lips. I normally just add some lip balm, but a sheer gloss or some blotted down lipstick will also give the nice natural effect. I also think playing around with lip colors with an otherwise natural makeup look can be super fun!



Estelle & Thilde Lip Balm

This moisturizing balm is filled with high quality ingredients to make your lips look and feel smooth and plump. The shade “Blossom Beige” especially, gives the lips the perfect hint of color and gloss while still looking very natural.



Kjaer Weis Lipstick

For a stronger color, try one of these luxurious and velvety Kjaer Weis lipsticks. The organic oils in this formula will keep you lips soft and hydrated, plus the refillable packaging makes this more sustainable!


Feature Photo of Frida Gustavsson, Courtesy of Valentino