4 Swedish Designers to Watch in 2017

Swedish Fashion Talents is a yearly competition where up- and coming designers get a chance to showcase their creativity, uniqueness and their take on the industry to the fashion police of Stockholm. Right off the bat, I must say that this year’s contestants are incredibly talented, each brand felt so well-processed and professional.

Naemi Gustavsson – a personal favorite. Her aesthetics of street wear and functional clothing is perfectly executed and modern. The color palette (finally) has something more than just black and white. This is exactly what I want to wear. One word: wow!best fashion sweden

Daily Routine – our Beauty Editor’s favorite brand. A combination of Whyred’s punk/rock attitude and Oscar Jacobsson’s quality and aesthetics. Daily Routine has their own show later today so a more thorough analysis and review is yet to come!daily routine

Ama Awe – printed magic. I am so curious to learn more about these prints, how were they made, what was the inspiration, what the flowers mean and what will come next. fashion talents sweden

Johannes Adele – beautiful shoes. All jokes aside, the skates did create som buzz and was an exciting twist, however, they were insignificant enough to not take too much attention from the garments. The brand didn’t fully manage to deliver something completely new and compared to the other participants, primarily Naemi Gustavsson, this brand falls a little bit flat.fashion talents yo

Thanks to the Swedish Fashion Council for letting us be part of these raw talents’ journey.

Photos: Fashionweek.se