Ida Sjöstedt – Belladonna Elegance

Ida Sjöstedt is always a favourite to watch for every season at Stockholm Fashion Week and this season certainly did not disappoint. Sjöstedt has a great talent in expressing a meaning or story through her collections by utilising beautiful fabrics and patterns.
This season’s collection is titled Belladonna of Sadness which is inspired by the film, and depicts the duality of how women are generalised – innocent or sexually powerful. We are especially able to see this through her use of colours: whites, blacks, lilacs and one particular strong look where the model is head to toe in red lace.
The use of fabrics was particularly something that makes this collection (and all of her past collections too) so dreamy and elegant. We saw lots of lace, velvet, silks and the ankle boots that the models were wearing rendered that fairy-tale touch.

Here below are some of our favourite looks:

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