5 Nordic Men You Should Follow on Instagram

Here are some of the Nordic men that deserve some extra “instattention“. From makeup and fashion to travel and interior inspiration, these guys have it all.

  1. Thomas Sekelius – Youtuber and beauty guru from Sweden. Proves that makeup is for everyone (!!!), and that flawless is achievable. Follower count: 233k.
  2. Marcus Valeur – Filmmaker, photographer, and globetrotter from Norway. Part of Team Overkill alongside Jon Olsson and Janni Delér. Follower count: 129k.
  3. Mikko Puttonen – Fashion blogger and photographer from Finland, living in London. Probably the best thing to come from Finland since Nokia 3310. Follower count: 40k.
  4. Ludvig Boas – Instagrammer from Denmark. Über cool fashion dude, with a relaxed, carefree attitude. Follower count: 4k.
  5. Rami Hanna – Photographer and filmmaker from Sweden. Possibly the most high quality feed out there, Rami nails every single shot. Follower count: 46k.

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