Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Nordic Touch

Have you ever had that feeling where you look around your home and think, gosh things have gotten a little too chaotic! I definitely have, and that’s when I found that making these simple switches can give your home a clean Nordic touch, keeping things stylish, clean and so utterly refreshing.

Keep your color palette light and neutral with pops of color.

Adding cool, neutral colors like whites, greys, and nudes will instantly give your space a clean Nordic feel. Add a few pops of color like greens or blues, and if you are bold an accent of red, orange or yellow!


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 Incorporate many natural and industrial materials.

The incorporation of materials such as wood, stone, furs (real or faux), metal, glass is key in achieving a Scandinavian home decor. Natural elements, create a warm cozy environment, while raw industrial materials add a modern twist! A perfect balance the Scandinavians created to achieve the ultimate “hygge”* in their homes, especially during the cold and dark months.

* “hygge” is a Danish word that is used to describe the feeling of coziness and contentment.


Photo courtesy of Saffan Tollgard

Keep surfaces free of clutter.

Clutter is the opposite of what we need to achieve a Nordic aesthetic, so look at all surfaces. Whether it is the floor, countertops, windowsills or “the chair” we all have things piled on, if it is overly crowded clear it up! It is a good chance to sift through everything that is piling up. Then you can get rid of what you don’t need and organize and store what you do, to leave a beautiful clean and minimal surface.

 Add plants.

Plants are one of my personal favorite touches to add to a home. Not only are they beautiful, but they create a lively feeling and literally add a breath of fresh air to a space, which we could all use. House plants allow us to bring all that we love from the nature outside into the home, adding to the cozy and calm homey feeling we all love.


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Hang many framed pieces close together in an artfully organized cluster.

This is very popular among Nordic homes. Instead of spreading many pieces throughout all your walls, you can cluster framed pieces together. This is so fun because you can really customize this project, add you own artistic touch, and make it completely personal to you!


Photo courtesy of Scandinavian Homes

Use industrial style hanging/standing lights and string lights.

These types of lights give off a beautiful and comforting warm glow. Just what we need to balance out a cool toned space and to add to the warming radiance that natural materials give off as well.


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Add copper accents.

Copper, though a metal is unique because unlike other metals it gives a warm glow to a room and adds a pop of color.


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Display your books.

Displaying your books is a great way to make a clean, put together home look more lived in and cozy, plus they add some hints of color!


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