Norwegian VITVIU Enlightens Us!

If you head over to the official site to visit Norway you will see that they are telling us to “Get Enlightened” and of course, whilst this is referring to the Northern Lights and how Norway is one of the best places to see them, it’s also referring to how we should all start looking towards Norway and celebrate the talent pool which is coming out of there!

No longer just ‘one of the Nordic countries’, sitting quietly next to beautiful Sweden, Norway has one of the fashion capitals of Scandinavia. Oh yes! Norway, within the fashion world, is pushing through and giving us collections and brands which are putting them on the map, in more ways than one.

I, of course, am passionate about Nordic kids fashion brands so it’s always inspiring when I come across people who are just as passionate as me, albeit about their own brand, but why wouldn’t they be; VITVIU is stunning!


I actually first came across them after being introduced to their Tangram posters and cards, vibrant, fun and slightly quirky. So when I looked further and saw that this artistic flair was also put into fashion wear for kids, I knew that this meeting was meant to be.

So, I asked them to enlighten me on who they are what they have to offer:

“VITVIU is a Norwegian kids wear and lifestyle brand established in 2015. We design graphical prints and comfortable and fun everyday unisex pieces for kids ages 2-10 years.”


Founder of VITVIU is Sigrid Bjørkum, an architect and designer, living with her two boys and husband in Oslo. Sigrid is formerly known as the blogger Siggelicious, being one of the first major fashion- and lifestyle bloggers in Norway.


Their kids wear

Vitviu designs collections with playful graphic prints, soft colours, high quality and long lasting products made of 100% organic cotton. The collections are made in collaboration with the fashion agency Moiré Agency. Teaming up with Moiré has made the dream of a establishing a new Norwegian kid’s brand possible.

The designers behind the agency, Charlotte Fische and Linn Sannes Brevik, have over 20 years of combined experience in the fashion industry and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and drive to satisfy market demands and tastemakers alike.

“In the upcoming collections, the focus will not be on specific seasons. The 2017 collection is designed as one, with several drops throughout the year. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming!”

All of the kids clothes are fair trade and GOTS certified.


And as I’ve said before, shopping ethically is so easily laid out for us now. Designers and brands are aware of what us, as consumers, are looking for and I definitely think it is even more important for designers of children’s clothes because of course, it’s their future and planet we are trying to protect!

Have a look over on their site and feel their passion! Hopefully, you have been Enlightened!