Nordic Bloggers: 12 Things to Buy During the Holiday Sale

After weeks of planning, decorating, baking and shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts, the big day is over. Well, hold your horses, not too fast.

Maybe you thought that you had said goodbye to the stress. But no. When waking up today some panic (or perhaps joy) has come back. Almost every store in the Nordics have major Holiday sales with really good offers. The question is; what to buy?! There are too many options.

Are you going to buy that TV that probably is too big for your living room, but hey, it’s a good price! Or are you going to buy that perfume you thought was too expensive, but now is on 30% sale? Or maybe you will buy those workout clothes, so you are ready to start 2017 with your New Year’s resolution from 2016, eh. 2015. Okay, 2014…

You must have a plan before entering the jungle of offers. Because it will be so many people out you ought to have a plan on where to go, and what to look for. But figuring that out can be hard, so to help you out we have asked four of our favorite bloggers what they will look for. Salespiration, let’s go!


Gertrude Tornvall
Instagram: @gertrudetornvall

1, A New Year’s dress – If not during the holiday sale, when should you buy your New Year’s dress? It’s after all a garment that usually costs quite a lot of money.

2, A sweater from Filippa K – Filippa K offers timeless pieces with a great quality. A thick sweater can be used the whole year in Sweden, so it’s definitely an investment.

3, Furnishing – I’ve just purchased an apartment, so now during the sale I have an opportunity to find some good purchases.


Cecilie Krog
Instagram: @by_krog

1, First thing I’m going to look for at the holiday sale is a pair of vintage 501 Levi’s, in light blue. I’ve been looking for a pair for over a year but still haven’t found the right one and in my size. So if I could find a pair I’d be really happy! 

2, I’m also going to be looking for some great knits. I am a huge fan of knits from Acne Studios. So I have to check out if any of their knits get on sale.

3, The third thing I’ll be looking for at the holiday sale is a pair of white sneakers. My beloved all-white Adidas Superstar, which I’ve had for a couple of years, really need to be replaced. 

Tobias Sikström
Instagram: @tobassikstrom

1,  At the moment I’ve managed to assemble a very good base wardrobe – with all those good and useful garments. Therefore I am looking for something that is a little crazy. A statement garment. Preferable a jacket or a colorful sweater.

2, Shoes! I’m looking for sneakers in sued, and preferable in beige or a darker earth-color.

3, Finally, I’m looking for a backpack. I am on the search for one in canvas or one in brown leather. It’s a perfect accessory during the summer to have to a plain t-shirt or a white shirt. I also hike a lot, so it’s very practical.



Felicia Frithiof
Instagram: @felicialinnea

1, A Balmain-ish, ankle-length black coat. It is the coolest garment I know, but it is often super expensive.

2, Cashmere turtlenecks in unsaturated colors, since that is part of my everyday uniform.

3, Slightly extravagant headpieces (think nautical hats à la Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger creation, diadems, turbans, bows..)

Featured  image: Muji, edit by Johanna Holmberg.