A New Year’s fix á la Elina Olofsson

Tomorrow is the day. If you didn’t have the time (or the strength) to go out in the jungle on the search for a New Year’s dress, don’t worry! We have asked the super stylish Elina Olofsson for advice. With her Scandinavian, minimalistic and cool style she can make almost everything look good.

We asked her to tell us what we should do if we haven’t bought anything, and need to only use things we already have at home. This is what she answered:

“It is, of course, always fun to wear something new for New Years or various Christmas celebrations. But if you cannot find something you really want, I think you should save the money and use anything you have at home instead! Buying just to buy often ends with an item you only wear once.


I am personally quite spontaneous and often last minute when it comes to shopping for new outfits for parties, however, I usually feel at ease if there is time to make myself all prepped! Take a long shower, smear on your favorite lotion, spend some extra time on the make-up and curl your hair, and use a lovely perfume. If you are out in a bad time my tip is to use the clothes you have in the closet, why not a black T-shirt tucked in a fun skirt? With the right make-up, the outfit can feel super hot! Smokey eyes or a colorful lipstick can really lift your party look.


I also think it is super neat to put a belt around the waist of an oversized dress, or simply a tank top tucked into a pair of jeans? If you feel boring in your fashion choices, for example, if you wear black from head to toe it usually always feels a little extra fun with a colorful nail polish. But, of course, the goal of the New Year celebration is to have a fun evening! Something I have learned over the years is to choose a pair of comfortable shoes that you can actually walk in! Then the evening will be so much more fun.”

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And while we had Elina on the line we just had to ask her how she will dress for 2017:

“Something I absolutely will save for SS 17 is my worn Levi jeans! I love comfortable fashion, so with my Levi’s I will wear a lower pointy heel. I will probably continue to use my coated pants / skirt; I just think they are so damn cool! Something I’m really looking for is a stylish checkered coat or trench to welcome the spring in. To the summer flower-patterned dresses or skirts feel right, and to match with a leather jacket and sneakers for a more rock look! Dream bag – Loewe’s Puzzle Bag.”




Elinas Instagram: @eliinaolofsson

All images: Elina Olofsson.