Your Perfect Match: Red lipstick

Red, red and red again… The color I’ve been afraid of for many years, is now my best friend. I used to run away from red lipstick because I thought that it didn’t look good on me BUT that was many years ago because I figured out my perfect shade of red that suits my skin tone. And here I am, to help you find yours. Spoiler alert! It’s really easy.


Fair skin tones:

The biggest mistake people with fair skin do is picking the deepest and brightest color of red there is (been there, done that) which is great if you want to draw some serious attention to your lips but not so great is you’re looking for that classic Marilyn Monroe look. Dark and deep shades of red will create big contrasts and can sometimes make you look really pale, and that’s something we want to avoid right? Instead, go for reds that are a few shades darker than your lips (number one rule). The perfect reds for fair skin tones are those with a more pinkish tone and also the reds with a hint of orange/corals.


Lipstick from H&M


Medium skin tones:

Now for the medium skinned beauties out there applies the same simple rule, go for shades that are a bit darker than your own lips. Avoid orange reds they are a big no-no for medium skin tones because orange reds tend to make medium skin tones look yellow and dull. DO pick cranberry reds and reds with a pink base, these shades will complement your skin tone and turn heads.


Lipstick from H&M


Dark skin tones:

Yes, you guessed it. The same rule applies for the dark skinned babes out there; once again the key to discovering the perfect shade is to go a few shades darker than your lips. Dark skin tones need to, REALLY, avoid all kinds of orange undertoned red lipsticks, they will wash you out and make you look tired. Lean towards fig reds and reds with cool and blue undertones.

Lipstick from H&M

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