What Could Have Changed My Life Forever

Hi there.

Today I won’t be that super excited and happy person I usually am or at least try to be. This morning I woke up to the news that my sister had been in a car accident around midnight. My little sister. The stupid kid I grew up with, played soccer with, made up weird games with stuffed animals with, fought with over the dining room table. My sister, the one I watched the same bad movies with over and over again until we knew all the lines. She who I ran around hotel corridors with, playing secret agents and whatnot.

In the middle of night, on a country road in the forest outside our hometown, something happened. Her car hit a concrete block, flew off the road and flipped over multiple times and landed in the woods. She had to crawl out of one of the windows in the pitch black night only to wait for the next passing car. It is incredible that she made it out bruised and battered but without a single broken bone. I try not to think about it, but it’s actually a miracle that she even survived what could have changed our lives forever.

She left the hospital early this morning but everything got a lot worse a few hours ago, so right now we’re waiting for a CAT scan to see what’s happening.

Events like these make you realize what matters and how quickly the life you know can be taken away.

Take care, talk soon.