The Swedish ‘Julbord’ 2.0

The Swedish julbord is a long-lived tradition for families, companies, and friends. Many believe that it started back when the Vikings roamed the seas. Now, if you didn’t grow up with this Christmas tradition it may appear to simply be a buffet of everyday foods, but the julbord (literally Christmas table) is near and dear to many a Swede’s heart.

Honestly, though, after years and years of the same food, the same old table cloths, and the same concept, it gets rather dull. The glory and magical Christmas spirit is lost somewhere in the mountains of porridge, Swedish meatballs and saffron buns. Therefore, it is our uttermost delight to deliver the following news – there is a new type of julbord coming to town.

Between the 8-10 of December, Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm will host the pop-up restaurant Ca 30, offering a different Christmas dining experience. The julbord takes in total about 30 minutes and consists of five small “hors d’oeuvre”, each of which a new take on a classic Swedish Christmas food. This julbord is surprisingly affordable, approximately $20, which is perfect this time of year as we tend to splurge on gifts for friends, family, and if you’re like me, yourself.

Not convinced yet? Read this slowly: vanilla mousse with Baileys in a cookie cup. *wipes drool from face*

If you’re in Stockholm this December, don’t miss out! Book now at the Miss Clara website.
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