Safety first – IF x WEEKDAY

Winter is coming! And that means we’re heading towards longer and darker nights and shorter days. But hey don’t worry Weekday got your back. What if I told you that there is a way to make you look fabulous and be safe when out in the dark this winter, would you believe me? 

Weekday is collaborating with IF (Nordic insurance company) to create an exclusive reflective accessory collection of six pieces that aims to promote safety and for you to wear attractive statement pieces while potentially saving your life. Who knew fashion could save lives? (We did)

“At Weekday, we have long worked on issues related to fashion, people, and social responsibility and we are constantly looking for new opportunities where we can integrate all three. This collection does just that – and we believe that it can help save lives. We hope that together with If we can make a difference.”
– Liselott Olovzon, Head of Marketing at Weekday.




Images: Weekday