Nordic News – November 2016

I can now safely say that Christmas is on its way and this means that things will start winding down. But, before we all put on our comfy pants and hibernate for the Winter, why don’t we catch up on some of the antics from the Nordic world this month?

  • Last weekend saw the fist airing of Sweden’s hit TV show ‘Modus‘ in the UK! From what I’ve read and been told, it is going to be an absolute thriller of a series, and the first episode was no disappointment. There’ll be the usual complex characters, developing storylines and shadowy cinematography, but, this time, the killer is revealed at the beginning! Curious? Then tune into BBC4 on Saturdays to find out!
  • Norway has announced that they will be banning the sale of fossil fuel-based cars by 2025, and wants to become the first country to commit to zero deforestation! These are some amazing, bold moves from one of the most progressive countries in the world, and we hope others follow their lead very soon.
  • Take a look at this month’s beautiful beauty editorial featuring flowers aplenty and simple beauty. Shot for us by Laurence de Rien!


  • Another day, and another lust-worthy fashion collaboration! The Scandinavian brand and fast-fashion retailer WEEKDAY is now collaborating with our all time favorite sportswear brand Champion for the first time to bring us some serious Scandinavian inspired oversized pieces. Check them out HERE.
  • We spoke to Michael and Jeppe of Reform CPH to ask them about their love of IKEA hacking, how it is work with some of the biggest architects in the world, and how much time they spend in their own kitchens. The answer to the last question might just surprise you…
  • I don’t know a single person that does not envy/want everything that Acne Studios does. The Acne Army is a strong and loyal one, and the company has just built a shrine to their ethos on the famous Madison Avenue. Lovers unite and be prepared to indulge in some SERIOUSLY beautifully designed store space, and of course, killer clothes.


  • The world renowned two Michelin starred Nordic restaurant Aquavit has opened its’ doors in London for first time. After three decades of enormous success in Manhattan, they have opened a sister restaurant in St. James’ Market that sounds nothing short of a dream. Martin Brudnizki (of The Ivy and Scott’s) is overseeing the design, George Jensen is providing the silverware, Filippa K has designed the uniforms, and I wouldn’t mind a seat at one of their beautiful tables.