Mini Rodini Festive Fashion with Harrods

If I ask you to think of an elite Swedish kid’s fashion house, I know that Mini Rodini will be at the forefront of your mind. Now, if I ask you to think of a prestigious London department store, I’m taking an educated guess that you’re shouting Harrods at me.

So, now I want you to imagine these two exquisite brands coming together and giving us a Christmas collection, which is going to excite any parent who is wanting their child to wear the stand-out Christmas outfit of the year!


Nordic Style Mag readers can exclusively see for themselves how the Christmas Spirit has been honoured between these two super powers, without compromising on style or the prints which we all love and have come to expect, from Mini Rodini.

Mini Rodini and Harrods are offering to you this year a collection which consists of onesies, sweatshirts, and dresses on a red and midnight blue base with a reindeer print, all items in a mix of organic cotton och micro modal.

Apart from these items, Mini Rodini is launching a mini collection exclusively for Harrods department store in London. The two have crafted a classic and GOTS certified Christmas jumper in green and white organic cotton.


You will find all new arrivals in Mini Rodini owned stores, at selected retailers and on from November 17. The green and white Christmas jumpers are only available on and from Harrods departments store.

We shout about Nordic fashion brands here, obviously, and I think Mini Rodini as a kids brand definitely stands up against some of the larger adult fashion brand houses, because being mini doesn’t necessarily mean staying small when it comes to style, being on trend or committing to its values and sustainability.


“At Mini Rodini, we want what we do to matter. We take our ethical and sustainable commitment very seriously and it will always be the most important factor in Mini Rodini’s growth.

We are very happy to say that Mini Rodini carries one of the most sustainable ranges of kids clothes on the market, including certified organic cotton pieces and recycled materials. But we also know that sustainability means much more than the materials we choose to work with. It’s about building a business that recognises both impact and responsibility: to the environment, employees and customers and the people who make our products.”


So there you have it… Christmas, Couture and Commitment all rolled into one!