Hair Trends – Glow in the Dark

It’s time to say goodbye to rainbow hair and any other hair trends we’ve been obsessing over lately because the coolest hair trend of all time is here, ‘glowing in the dark hair’. Yes, boys and girls… it’s true you can now make your hair glow in the dark – and more importantly, stand out in a crowd even when the lights are off.

The celebrity hair stylist and hair guru Guy Tang posted a video on his Instagram and Youtube channel last week where he completely transformed a model’s hair from ‘meeh’ to ‘woow’ in seconds and everyone has been going crazy over it. The final result is something you’ve only seen in fairytales.

Guy Tang calls the look “Phoenix hair” and he uses rainbow hair dye especially made to glow in the dark (under black light). For the model’s hair transformation, Guy uses the bold and luminous Kenra color neons by Kenra Professional in the video but there are other brand’s with a great range of glow in the dark hair dyes. Find your favorite brand, get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment because this is your chance to glow all day every day 24/7.

Glow-in-the-dark hair dyes are available in the Nordic countries and online, BUT I recommend to not do this at home, and like any other hair color, it works best on natural blond hair.



Featured Image:
Image: Guy_Tang Instagram