30 Years of Uncompromising Spirit – Asics Tiger

In collaboration with ASICS Tiger.

If there is one thing I know about trends, it’s that they come and go. Style, on the other hand, is eternal, and what makes it so permanent is that it goes hand in hand with functionality and high quality. When I think of ASICS, though, I feel like it’s the brand that has managed to become an exception to that rule. Because their shoe design has always been stylish and trendy, and when I look at some of their products from back in the day, like the X-Caliber from 1980 or the Epirus from 1985, I’m stunned, wondering if somehow I could get my hands on one of those pairs. They’re still so cool that even I, a fashion blogger or call me what you will, want to wear them today.

I’ve actually been using ASICS for more than ten years, that’s half my lifetime. I don’t remember all pairs I’ve had specifically but as a former track and field runner, I know that I’ve always prioritized good quality and performance. And despite not working in fashion back then I chose the shoe design that was cool, had the right colors and would make me look super professional at practice. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my capabilities. It helped me heal injuries from other poorly fitting models and took me to medals in championships.

For three times as long, that is 30 years, ASICS has been creating shoes featuring their revolutionizing GEL technology. For 30 years they have improved and perfected a technology that helps people like you and me maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it’s not only our physical well-being but also in our mind. Because when we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, nothing can stop us. High quality, performance shoe design is key when it comes to working out or maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle.

ASICS Tiger is the lifestyle expression of their performance brand, bringing the unique combination of Japanese sports technology and global street style to the modern day sneaker lover (me). To mark the 30-year milestone, ASICS Tiger announces the release of the Gel 30th Anniversary Commemorative Model. Reflecting on its history, ASICS now offers three models—the GEL-LYTE III, GEL-LYTE V, and GT-COOL XPRESS—in color schemes inspired by the development landscape of the time.

What excites me the most about these three models is that they are ‘next-level-wild’. I’m telling you, I want them all! I mean these are multifunctional sneakers; I can go out running, go clubbing, go grocery shopping or, what I’ll most likely do, shoot outfit pictures so that you guys can see how fly I am in my wild shoes.

Now, the brand itself is not Nordic, it’s multinational, but what makes these sneakers so suitable for us up here in the Nordics is that they are the perfect complement to our Scandinavian, minimalist outfits. They give you that extra edge. What I’m contemplating, though, is which pair I want the most… What do you think?


In collaboration with ASICS Tiger.