Acne Studios: 926 Madison Avenue

The Swedish brand Acne Studios are expanding in the U.S by opening a grand 230 square meter global flagship store on Madison Avenue, Upper East Side, New York.

The store, that opened on November 10th, features gold as its signature tone with metallic interior and walls, and fitting rooms in aluminum. It’s the only Acne store with those elements, which makes it a must-visit when in New York, especially for us fashion lovers. With elements from the interior designer Max Lamb, the store might even be confused for a museum. And, maybe, that has something to do with Acne Studios’ fast way towards reaching an even more exclusive crowd.

Johnny Johansson had this to say about the spectacular store: “For me, it was important to elevate the store design into something spectacular since the location demands it in a way. And, therefore, I went for gold. Classic, but still in the universe of Acne Studios, it’s like a local store on a global stage.”

Max Lamb who has been collaborating with Acne Studios for quite a while has designed the interior in the 230 square meter New York store. For this exclusive location, Lamb has created bronze benches, stools and a golden heavy desk. He’s also designed the custom-made, colorful, rugs that give a fun and smooth impression of being interesting spots throughout the store.

Visit the store at:
Acne Studios Madison Avenue

926 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10021

United States

Photos: Acne Studios