Aarrekid – Funky Finnish brand

Finnish kids brand AARREKID has a story for every garment! Don’t believe me?



“When the crabs are busy bedecking the seafloor with every kind of plant, you can be sure that the festivities are about to begin. The octopus is stretching its tentacles and the seahorses are dancing all around. Mussels and mollusks are polishing their magnificent shells to a radiant glow. The fish, jellyfish, and starfish – everyone’s invited to join in the fun. See you at the party!” Piia Keto, SS16 Underwater Festivities



Now when your imagination has kicked in you will be starting to get a feel for this very funky fashion house.

Aarrekid has a story to tell and it does so through clothing. It is a simple concept and one which invites children’s curiosities, but it is also alluring to the parents because the brand is one of bold patterns, stylish and above all wearable, in the durable sense of the word!

But, who are Aarrekid? This question also has a story to tell:

“Aarrekid was born out of inspiration and creativity, out of a will to make dreams come alive and tell stories that make our kids, our little treasures, happy. We want to let imaginations run free and encourage everyone to dive into the world of stories.”



Ever since 2009, Aarrekid’s designers, Piia Keto, Lotta-Liina Salonen and Miia Kajaani, have created unique and enthralling designs that have delighted kids and adults alike all over the world. They have taken us on adventures into an enchanted forest, journeys to space, tea parties in the garden, train rides to a secret valley and to play with monsters. “With the owls we have flown to countless places high and low! We put out two collections every year, each containing their own stories in the designs.”

And, of course, as with every great brand there is a motto “Our motto is that colors belong to everyone and the stories in our designs are made for everyone as well. Our most important values are tolerance and equality.”



Moving forward and looking at their AW16 collection of Snakes and In the Garden you will see what I mean when I say their collections are most definitely based around igniting a child’s imagination.

And for a hint of what is to come, think of owls and sustainability… through re-useable materials!



Find out more at aarrekid.fi