Think Pink

When autumn officially is here the mood of fashion slides over to a darker palette, with black coats, dark gray sweaters, black jeans, black boots, and when we want to be crazy we may throw on a dark blue turtleneck.

In our Nordic countries, this part of the year is just dark and dull. Soon the weather will turn into some depressing ‘rainy-muddy’ state of mind; we will practically never see the sunlight, for at least 6 months. We wake up and go to work when it’s dark outside and we go home again in the dark. No wonder all the clothes we wear are dark! We obviously don’t know that other colors exist this time a year. But this year, this year is different. Or, it can be different if we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and embrace the colors that actually are presented this season. Normally a very basic palette is dominant in the stores, and of course we see them this year as well, BUT there is another color that we see, almost as a theme when walking between the different stores. I am talking about the controversial color pink.

We normally see pink in the spring and summer collections, but this year it has made its way to the autumn as well. We see all types of pink in all types of garments. Personally, I will go for a lighter pink and a Hubba Bubba-pink.  You can go to any store and look at any Nordic brand and you will surely find a pink and dreamy item.

Dare to step outside the box and wear a pink scarf, a pink sweater or why not a pair of glitter pink socks? Be the pink light in the dark autumn night. weekday



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Credit featured image: Forevervanny, Camille Charriere and Hanna Stefansson.