The Jewelry Guide 2016

Welcome to the Nordic Style Jewelry Guide of 2016, where we guide you through some of the most amazing jewelry and accessories out there. All pieces may not be Nordic, but their aesthetic fits our true Scandinavian souls.

Enjoy our very first accessory editorial!
Earrings – Heyerdahl, necklace – Bjorklundnordic style accessoriesWatches from top to bottom: Komono, Harper&Brooks, Cluse02_72dpi-1Earcuff – Hasla/Heyerdahl, ring 1 (ring finger) – Bjorklund, ring 2 (middle finger) – Noen/Heyerdahl Paleet, ring 3 (index finger) – Nialaya/Heyerdahl, bracelet – Nialaya/Heyerdahl, shirt – Frank Remme03_72dpiRight arm: bracelets from top to bottom – 1. Frost, 2. Bjorklund, 3. Frost, ring – Kvist og kvae/Heyerdahl Paleet
Left arm: watch – Cluse, bracelet – Bjorklund
05_72dpiWatch – Cluse, bracelet – Nialaya/Heyerdahl, ring 1 (index finger) – Opro moon, ring 2 (middle finger) – Gulddia, ring 3 (ring finger) – Noen/ Heyerdahl Paleet06_72dpiLeft arm: bracelet – Gulldia, watch – Cluse, rings from left to right – Gulldia, Gulldia, Nialaya/Heyerdahl, Gulldia.
Right arm: Diamond ring in white gold with 56 diamonds in total 1,00 carat (index finger) – Bjorklund, ring 2 (ring finger) – Gulldia, bracelets from top to bottom – Bjorklund, Bjorklund, Gulldia
Photographer: Turi Løvik Kirknes, @tlkphotographer
Makeup & Styling: Iselin Roman Hind, @iselinromanhind
Model: Sofia Quan from Pholk agency, @sofia.quan @pholk_agency
Retouch: Alina Kovban, @alinakovbanretouch