I Ended Up in a Chinese Fashion Magazine


So here’s something exciting that happened the other day. Weird, but exciting. I got an Instagram notification when I sat in class, listening to a discussion on slave narratives from the 18th century Jamaica. It was a direct message from one of my followers, Shen, who by the way is the best because he is always commenting on my Youtube videos. Anyway, he sent a screenshot from a Chinese fashion magazine/app-kinda thing called 1626 – it’s still kind of blurry since I don’t know the language. But apparently, it is a really popular platform with millions of readers and by coincidence Shen stumbled upon this post (looks really weird when not opened in their app) that was about trends, and specifically winter shoes. After scrolling past images of Kanye West and David Beckham this tall skinny Swedish boy appeared. Can you guess who that boy was? Correct – me!

I’ve been trying to Google and search the world wide web to find out more, I even downloaded the app, but apparently the magazine doesn’t have Instagram or Facebook or any of the social platforms we are used to. Shen told me, though, that the part where I was mentioned was about Dr.Martens and “how to look taller with winter boots” (like I need that…).

You can find my post where the photo was originally published here.

outfit from fashion week stockholm 21626 magazine
Have a great Wednesday!

Love, Jonas and Kanye