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Combining her fiery violin skills and unique voice, Greta Salóme is a singer/songwriter who defines her music as being a fusion of the pop/folk/indie genres.

Greta Salome

This summer, Greta Salóme released a new single called “ROW” along with a stunning music video shot in her home country, Iceland. The video features Iceland’s fierce and dramatic nature, emphasizing the song and its message.

Having represented Iceland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest with original songs, Greta Salóme quickly gained a large following both in Europe and around the world. These days, Greta is busy touring Europe and the United States and will be warming up for singer Joss Stone in Reykjavík in late October. In addition to that, she is gearing up for a hectic 2017 which will consist of more touring and the release of her second album.

Greta Salome

Greta Salóme connects to her fans in a personal way through her social media channels. As an example of that, she asked her Snapchat followers to request a song for her to cover using only her violin and voice, and they chose The White Stripes hit song “Seven Nation Army”, which Greta covered brilliantly and just released this week.

This energetic musician is definitely one to check out!

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