Friday Feels


Finally Friday again. I started my day with a morning walk around Stockholm with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. I love the kind of friendship that doesn’t fade when a lot of time just passes by without you talking or seeing each other. This is one of those friends.

Now, I have a busy schedule for the rest of the day. So much to do and so little time. I have to clean my entire apartment, recycle ten thousand boxes, come up with some epic recipes for tonight’s dinner party and go grocery shopping. But first, let me just stay here in bed… Scroll through my Instagram, and stare at my new sunglasses from Moscot. They’re so pretty I want to die. My best friend James said that he has got a pair that just won’t break, regardless of how careless he is. He has had them for years and at one point his sister even ran them over with her car. I mean, come on. That’s epic. I don’t recommend that you try that but if it’s a true story: awesome, I tend to be quite clumsy.

Have a great weekend!

moscot nyc